Sugar Dandy, issue #3

The World of Candy Cropper: Sugar Dandy grows bigger this issue with the introduction of a few more characters, as a frightening development in the barn leaves Henry seeking new help for his tent at the Farmers Market. What type of creature would leave such a big mess everywhere, and what

Race Cars! “Vvrroom!”

Cleaning my boxes of paperwork and found some drawings I had forgot about. This one I had done on Saturday of Megacon in Orlando, 2010. (note the signature.)

Chaos returns

Issue 7 of Crosstown Chaos continues the series with another rampage. The newest issue of the comedy series, which began with leftover stories that didn't fit into book 2 of Crosstown Crush, puts the characters in a discovery about their friend which causes a series of pranks to set off one

Please Welcome Delacroix!

Melinda ads her own flavor to Jhim43 with her first comic, Delacroix. Delacroix is a bakery where two young girls work at the counter. Their everyday adventures take them through features of working at a cafe. Each issue is to include a recipe related to the story. The artwork is enhanced by

New Issue of Sugar Dandy – Issue 2

The newest issue of Candy Cropper: Sugar Dandy premiered on Halloween at Mighty Con. In this issue, Henry and Tuffy try to figure out how to handle a mysterious visitor that continues to appear at their fence. How will this visitor affect their farm and why does this visitor keep coming