Old Places, New Faces

In the past few months, Jhim43 has been touring a few venues. Summer had been so busy that updates on this site were not yet made.

This year, some calls and emails were sent from us to find places that would allow us to show. Lately, some public libraries have been kind enough to allow us to sit in at comic shows to push our comics. Because this is such a great opportunity, you can imagine that others would also inquire about these shows.
elmhurstlibraryOur second venue of the summer was at Elmhurst Public Library comic con. We were there last year, and enjoyed it, so we asked if they were able to have us back. Our friends from Kumate Works and Addie from Artistic Dragon were located on one side of our table. On the opposite side, Melinda and I had met some talented ladies, Sarah and Catherine Satrun who liked our work. (They seemed to love what Melinda was doing)
We talked to the people next to us, and after the convention at the library was over, Melinda asked if they were headed to the Orland Park Public Library Comic Con. They were excited to hear about it, because they told us they used to work in the area.

orland-library-20140902Then of course, we had the Orland Park show in August. We saw our friends again, and we met a new person, Jewell Walton Jr. He seems like a great guy, and he does some great illustrations. The show was okay, as we were told that there was not as much traffic as there was the year before. The library staff speculated on whether it had to do with other town events the same day. We were happy, nonetheless.


I feel richer from experience in the shows we had gone to so far, and with another publication just about finished, I look forward to the next season of touring. With a few more added venues that we missed this year, who knows what we will experience.


Jim is into rainy days, springtime, cartoons, coffee, hamburgers and adult contemporary music. He also likes dogs.